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Here we show the boats we currently have for sale, followed by boats recently sold. Can we help you sell yours, for a 15% commission? We can also appraise your boats.

Bright-Finished Custom Goodboat

This boat has custom Rushton-style decks fore and aft, sternsheets and a bow platform, and three plank seats and three sets of oarlocks, for ideal tandem or single rowing. Comes with two pairs of Shaw & Tenney oars.

There is an insert in the stern deck which comes out to allow mounting of a small motor.

This boat has been used very little, since its building in 2004. It comes on the market because of the advanced age of the seller.

Call for Price.



V16 FastRowboat

This is the prototype of a new, smaller model, 16 feet by 38", with a slight vee bottom increasing towards both ends, a lower sheer and different style. It has no outer stem or keel, only a skeg, and is in workboat finish for easy maintenance. The sailing rig is a used one and is optional. It's a swift sailboat and a very comfortable and quick rowboat with the usual versatility of goodboats. The boat was made from the hull of a very old and damaged Goodboat: The hull-halves were sawn away from the old stem, keel, and transom, and were cut to new shapes and reassembled with a new transom to make a shorter, narrower boat.

Price: $3800 with sailing rig, $2900 without.





Warren Cole design Adirondack Guideboat

The boat was completed in 2010- 2011+-. Wanting a boat that was fast and beautiful the hull is that of Warren Cole's 16' 2" boat that resides in the Adirondack Museum. The decks and gunnels are of Grant/Parsons, in my mind the most pleasing to the eye. Laminated ribs, red cedar strip hull, cherry gunnels, quartersawn pine bottom board and decks, elm coamings and risers, basswood oars, tiger red maple paddle, pine yoke. All wood was chosen carefully for grain orientation and suitability for purpose. Careful attention was taken with hardware installation. Hardware was installed, removed, holes were injected with varnish 2x before final installation.

This boat has traveled many miles and has retained its structural integrity with none but cosmetic wear. Center seat backrest was added in 2016 when seats were re- caned. Price it as you suggested at $8000. Although not traditional construction hopefully it will appeal to someone who appreciates wooden boats with low maintenance. I am in no hurry to sell and would prefer to keep it in the family if it does not go for close to the asking price. If you or a prospective buyer thinks it needs a little polish I could take it home for a couple of weeks.

Warren Cole design Adirondack Guideboat in modern construction with laminated ribs and strip planking, full list of accessories, traditional details, very fine. Asking $8000.






This is a Rushton Florida model pleasure rowboat probably from the last decade of the nineteenth century. It is eminently restorable and unusually complete. It is in Florida. The owner and I have not settled on a price yet, but tI have recently restored two of these and they were purchased in much poorer shape for an average of $4500.






Rushton Indian Girl wood/canvas Canoe - JUST SOLD

This looks terrible at first glance but actually is an unusually good 17 foot hull, smooth and strong and all original, a Grade B Indian girl as in the Rushton 1903 catalog. Probably a late boat, it has the number 2020 stamped in its stem. One of the most desired old canoes and a good candidate for a proper restoration since it needs no new ribs or planking and only the tips of its stems. From a fine old camp on Lake Placid.


Whitecap Dinghy  Whitecap Dinghy  Whitecap Dinghy


Sold Boats



Finished Micro


Whitecap Dinghy


Old Town Whitecap Dinghy


Rushton Indian Girl

  Theodore Hanmer guideboat


Late Theodore Hanmer 14 foot guideboat


Ralph Morrow Guideboat  



Hanmer Guideboat/outboard


Krause Guideboat



Classic Guideboat, painted, 60 lbs.

Whitecap Dinghy





Parsons 14 Guideboat - NEW

Whitecap Dinghy


Nickerson Guideboat


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