Introducing a new, lighter, shorter model of the classic Goodboat: the V16 Fast Rowboat. It is simpler and less expensive to build and a faster rowing boat. The V16 is shown here being tested in a sailing version, but its designed first of all to be a straight-tracking, easily-driven rowing boat. As with the standard Goodboat, it has ideal (very comfortable) rowing geometry, great buoyancy at the ends and laterally, so that you can stand up and move about in it quite freely, in a seamless hull of four plies of red cedar veneer sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy under the paint.






Frankly, modern times call for a new kind of rowing boat. One that is light and fast but also strong and stable. Good for kids, older people, sociable groups as well as ones and twos. Good for trailers and car tops as well as putting up on docks. Without leaks. Without ribs. Uncramped, with seats at a comfortable height and a bottom that's comfortable too.

And modern materials make it possible to build such a boat out of readily available woods, not rainforest imports. Build it as a single organic whole, without seams.

Why wood? Wood works. Better than ever in a composite with clear epoxy that looks like varnish but holds the moisture content of the wood at an even percentage year in and year out, in and out of the water. It's stronger and lighter than fiberglass. It's more resilient. We lavish Oregon red cedar on the inside for beauty.

The new Fisherman model has three plank seats plus sternsheets, a long bow deck with storage shelf underneath, double rod-holders both sides, two rowing positions, and pinned guideboat oars. Comfortable for up to four fishers and perfect for a small electric motor.

Adirondack Goodboats Fisherman Model

Adirondack Goodboats Fisherman Model
Adirondack Goodboats Fisherman Model Adirondack Goodboats Fisherman Model
Adirondack Goodboats Fisherman Model

The transom forms a wide, buoyant stern which adds room and stability. It lets you sit either side of the tiller. It's out of the water, so it doesn't drag. It's 15" high, just right for a 2 or 3 hp motor. An auxiliary, mind you. Don't leave it on and forget to row and sail. These little motors are small and clean enough to put on and off as you need them.

So we made a great rowing boat. Length and width ideal, seating to balance different loads, two rowing stations, the best footbrace, best oars and hardware.

And lo, we have a hull that is shaped just the way modern ocean racing sailboats are shaped. Canoe-bodied. It's a rowing boat, and without fuss, it's a fine sailboat too.

We put on a light, simple rig that comes completely off the boat when you don't want it. Handmade sail, spars, leeboard and rudder. Even the mast partner pops out. No centerboard or daggerboard trunk to keep you away from the best place in the boat. Or to add weight.

The Goodboat is made by the Constant Camber method, cooked up by "Trimaran Jim" Brown, in the interest of finding a better way to make easily-driven boats for third world fishermen, now that the big trees for dug-outs are going or gone, it happens to be the ideal thing for a new indigenous Adirondack boat, and we're proud to pay Jim a royalty of all of $13.50 per boat to use the idea.

What's "CC"? How's your spatial relations and three-dimensional geometry?

We let the glue cure, take out the stitches, and reinforce the joints with several layers of fiberglass tape and epoxy, inside and out, and with "structural fillets" of epoxy. The joints become even stronger than the panels.

Then there is a whole lot of careful sheathing, coating, and finishing to do, caned seats to be put in, spruce spars to make, ash leeboard to shape into a foil. Goodboats take over a month to make. Very satisfying work and worth doing, we think. Hope you agree!

More Photos: Close Ups & a wonderful Black & White Series

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