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LakeSailer Version of the Goodboat

This custom Goodboat is one-of-a kind, the most special Goodboat I’ve ever built and the most successful. It was conceived to meet two goals, to be a more dedicated sailing version, and to be ideal for tandem rowing. It was made of some of the most beautiful west coast red cedar veneer we’ve ever had, book-matched inside and out. To make it a better sailboat we gave it a two-position daggerboard and decking all around, with hidden diagonals of Kevlar strand to make the boat rigid. It’s comfortable to sit on the wide side-decks to make the best of your human ballast. The side decks and low coamings allow sailing with more security, and there are flotation bags fore and aft under the decks. The coamings and spray rails knock down some of the spray from waves. A removable panel in the stern deck permits using a small outboard—and an antique Johnson 4hp in perfect running order can be purchased with the boat. A small motor can be brought inboard and laid on chocks son the bottom aft to go a-sailing.

There is also a fitted cover and a Trailex trailer.

All in all, a sailor’s and rower’s boat. Now at a reduced price, $5800.






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