For Lightweight and Long, Narrow Boats

Goodboat on trailer Adirondack Goodboat on Trailex trailer.

My Adirondack Goodboat customers have been pleased with these trailers and I know of nothing better for relatively long and narrow boats up to 250 lbs.

They carry the boat on two transverse v-bunks with pivoting pads, mounted on an aluminum tongue, channeled for all the accessories and attachments. The tongue can be 12 or 15 feet (I use 15' for the 17' Goodboat), and the axle can be placed at the ideal point along the tongue, to give suitable drawbar weight and light hand-dollying. Overall width is only 49". Quality and looks are excellent. The boats tie down to the thwartships bunks. If you make wooden cross-pieces to span the gunwales at those locations, with web straps to the bunks on each side, you can lash spars and oars, etc., to the crossbars. I even mount my 3.5 Nissan outboard on the aft crossbar for transport. These trailers currently list at $829, but I sell them over the phone or by e-mail at a good discount. generous discount. Options include bearing buddies and spare wheel and carrier.

If your boat is over 200 pounds we should probably look at the next size up, rated for 400 lbs and available as a two-boat carrier; also in a wide-track version; and there's a new trailer for carrying one or two canoes upside down, or kayaks on edge.



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