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Chestnut Hudson Model Freighter Canoe

This is a very stable vessel. It is a great family boat, fishing boat, or boat for hunters. With The 1600 pound capacity, you carry a lot of people, 2 hunters & a moose (or plenty of deer, gear or your sweet dear) and all the blueberries that you can pick and eat ( with heavy cream , of course).

17 x 45, depth 18.5 amidships
Capacity 1600 lbs.
Shaw & Tenney oars, swivel oarlocks
Custom cover, 1976 Chestnut catalog
Restored by Rollin Thurlow
Asking $5200

(Suzuki 4 hp. motor optional)

Whitecap Dinghy  Whitecap Dinghy  Whitecap Dinghy

Old Town Whitecap Dinghy

Old Town Whitecap dinghy, converted like the one John Manry sailed across the Atlantic. Tinkerbell II has full deck, cabin, foot well, storage hatch, larger steel CB, brass-plate tip-up rudder. Sloop rig with mast in a tabernacle, good trailer.

Ready for deck canvas, finish and rigging.

Free with a small commission, to a cruising dreamer. Original dreamer was going for the Gulf of St. Lawrence, from the Gaspe to Anacosti Island and Newfoundland.

Whitecap Dinghy Whitecap Dinghy

Late Theodore Hanmer 14 foot guideboat


Theodore Hanmer guideboat

Hanmer Guideboat/outboard



Classic Guideboat, painted, 60 lbs., $4000.



Parsons 14 Guideboat - NEW

Carefully built to drawings by John Gardner at Mystic Seaport. Laminated ribs, traditional planking, Grant-lap seams. The builder is John Michne, co-author of Building An Adirondack Guideboat.


Two Bolger Micros



I paid only $700 for this well-built but unfinished Micro, complete with masts and rugged custom coil-spring trailer. I found nearly-new Lee sails for it for $400. I would sell this for my cost plus 15%, of $1265. You have only to make the hatches, screw down the cockpit and berth plywood, rig the rudder, make the boomkin and sprit booms, install flotation, paint and add hardware. The bottom is already painted with antifouling paint. I could provide a 7.5 horse Honda outboard with low hours but not idling: needs cleaner carb, or a new one.



Finished Micro

This is a Bolger Micro, a trailer-sailer with a shallow ballast keel, which gives the boat great stability and leaves the cuddy completely clear of obstruction. I acquired this boat nearly new but without its spars, sails, or keel, without some of its flotation, and with a companionway and hatch not according to plan. I have built the keel, with 420 lbs of lead in it, made a new hatch and slide, put in the flotation, provided spars, and had Douglas Fowler make new sails.



Moreover, I put a drop-axle on the trailer, lowering the trailer frame a full 8", so now this boat launches and retrieves as easily and shallowly as the centerboard and leeboard Bolger sailboats I have had. It floats on and off the trailer just before my car's rear wheels touch the water. These boats have been built all over the world. The sailing shot below is of a Micro sailing in South Australia. The shot of my daughter cutting up an apple in the cabin is meant to suggest how roomy the cabin is, with sitting headroom for tall people on two long wide berths, ample space between, and no obstructions. Boat comes with an 8-horse Honda 4-stroke running perfectly.The boat is now more completely detailed than in these photos, with mahogany rub-rails and toe-rails on the cabin and a wider, thicker side-molding. It has a brand new eight-sided mast and newly varnished spars. I think the boat would be a good deal at $7000, less than half the cost of building and equipping a new one, but Bolgeristos are cheapskates and DIYers like me, and nobody will pay that much. We like the boat so much, and use it on Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario as well as lakes around home, it will be hard to part with, but I'll sell it for $4000 unless I sell the unfinished one first.



I have a nice wooden Comet with new sails, newly fiberglassed bottom, and new paint, which is serving very nicely at my family's camp -- kept at a mooring and sailed by whoever's there, a lot. I ought to sell it just the same, to keep up the business end of things. $2500with not-bad registered trailer that needs lights and new tires

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